NeoVva Kids
NeoVva Kids
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Faculty at NeoVva Kids

NeoVva Kids aims to provide quality affordable education in the preschool segment. Our faculties are geared towards meeting the same.

  • Our faculties are highly qualified to impart the right education to your child.
  • They are trained in early childhood training methodologies and skills to understand a child's requirements thoroughly.
  • We strictly follow a 1:10 ratio for faculty:children strengths in our school.
  • Our faculties attend regular training sessions to keep themselves abreast of the latest updates in early childhood education and care.
  • Our faculty and staff members take special care to ensure your child enjoys a healthy and safe environment.

We encourage you to meet our well qualified and highly motivated faculties to discuss the progress of your child.

Please email to info@neovva.inin case you want to schedule an appointment to meet any of our faculty to discuss the progress of your child. Our faculties will be happy to help you.