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Please call us on 7204125710 or walk in today to meet our admission counsellor and understand our offerings for your child. You can also email us at for an appointment.


The below programmes are currently available for preschool classes across various age groups.

1. Toddlers(Up to 1 yr 9 m)

This programme aims at imparting the utmost care and education to your toddler who is picking up things pretty fast and is anxious to learn new things. We at NeoVva Kids have designed the activities to ensure that the kids learn as per their developmental needs. The fun ideas and games are all designed to simulate day to day situations aimed at helping them through their tender years.

2. Playgroup (1 yr 10 m to 2 yr 9 m)

This is designed to impart the social and language skills that are needed for your child who is now more aware of the environment around herself or himself. The educational aids and sessions at NeoVva Kids are planned in a way to ensure that your child gets a well rounded view of the day to day things and slowly start to have a social circle of her or his own. We also focus on building the tender muscles for a stronger grip through various fun motor skills building activities.

3. Nursery (2 yr 10 m to 3 yr 9 m)

In this bridge between the fun years and the more demanding years ahead, we ensure that your child gets to do more activities to reinforce the concepts she or he has picked up. Like a fun project to understand the colour Blue or pick up a beautiful rhyme with corresponding actions to convey the meaning. We also ensure that your child gets a strong grip on basic language and number skills.

4. Lower Kinder Garten - LKG(3 yr 10 m to 4 yr 9 m)

This LKG programme is the starting point for preparing your child to the rigours of a higher school. Your child's growth requires the reinforcement of the social behaviour, environmental awareness, basic language skills including basic writing skills as well as basic numeral aptitude. We at NeoVva Kids ensure that the same is imparted to your child in a fun and interactive way to ensure the learning stays permanent.

5. Upper Kinder Garten - UKG (4 yr 10 m to 5 yr 9 m)

This is the final year of the preschool program - UKG - where the child is prepared to understand the outside world in a more detailed way. The fun projects on environmental science, the concepts of maths or the intricacies of day to day words are all used at NeoVva Kids to ensure the child is ready to step onto the next phase of her or his learning.

Day Care and After School Care (Up to 8 years age)

We are alsocurrently running the below programmes for kids in need of day care and after school care facilities.

1. Full day care
2. Half day care

3. After school care

4. Emergency day care

Activities Center

We conduct many activities for the overall development of your child including Summer Camps, Art & Craft, Dance, etc. 

Please also go through the SmartJoey - a virtual activities camp - which has many fun and exciting resources for preschool students.

Please reach out to us on 7204125710 if you have any special requirements.