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NeoVva Kids
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Please call us on 7204125710 or walk in today to meet our admission counsellor and understand our offerings for your child. You can also email us at for an appointment.


We at NeoVva Kids preschool is currently accepting admissions to preschool classes across various age groups.

1. Toddlers (Up to 1 yr 9 mo)

2. Playgroup (1 yr 10 m onwards)

3. Nursery (2 yr 10 m onwards)

4. LKG (3 yr 10 m onwards)

5. UKG (4 yr 10 m onwards)

Day Care and After School Care (Up to 8 years age)

We are alsocurrently accepting admissions for kids in need of day care and after school care facilities.

1. Full day care
2. Half day care

3. After school care

4. Emergency day care

School Tie Ups

We also have strategic tie-ups with various reputed schools (across CBSE, ICSE, CIE syllabus) for admission requirements of your child post the completion of preschool education. This is done with an aim to ease the parents' anxiety regarding further education of their child.

Please reach out to us to understand our various solutions for your child's education.