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By: KIRAN | June 11, 2020

For the very young children, we have created printables suitable for 2 to 3 years youngsters. Parents and Teachers can download these for use of the toddlers.

In this first part, the document has worksheets for "A" to "E"

By: KIRAN | June 11, 2020

Parents and educators often struggle to teach counting to the very young children. The easy part is to make the child learn the counting by memorising the numbers i.e. via rote method.

However, the problem arises when the parents or teachers have to make the children understand the meaning and practical uses of the concept of counting.

The below video uses the concept of "count and match" to help the children understand the meaning behind the numbers. This concept can be used to teach the students and help them practice. Also, this video uses easily available household materials for the same.

Please put in your thoughts in the comments section below.

By: KIRAN | June 04, 2020

Being an educator, I face frequent questions from parents about their child’s writing ability or rather the lack of writing ability.

The questions are like:

  1. My child doesn’t sit, or show interest for writing. He makes a lot of excuses.
  2. After writing a few letters my child starts complaining about hand pain, shoulder pain, finger pain, etc.
  3. My child knows all the letters but while writing, the letters come out very light or faint. He doesn’t use the crayon or pencil properly.

So many questions from the parents, quite natural too.... I can understand their frustration.

But, do the children really make excuses? Are they really trying to escape from the writing task?

As parents, we must first know why the child is trying to “escape” or “avoid”.


By: KIRAN | June 03, 2020

Our craft work printables for Play Group kids (typically aged 2 years to 3 years) are a fun collection of very easy to use craft work which helps the kids develop their fine muscle.

Please feel free to download and print for your kids.

By: KIRAN | June 02, 2020

The below document contains worksheets for numbers. These printables are suitable for Play Group class i.e. for the age group 2 years to 3 years.

Feel free to download and print to share with kids.